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Zhejiang Sitong Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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     Zhejiang four-way valve manufacturing company (www.ws-bridal.net) is located in beautiful scenery, the national famous township of the Chinese pump valve - wenzhou oubei town, is a development, production and sales of professional manufacturers of large valves; The main products are large diameter butterfly valve, liquid control butterfly valve, metal hard seal butterfly valve, two-way pressure hard and hard butterfly valve; The company has the abundant production technical strength and the good commercial prestige; Has excellent mechanical processing and special equipment, testing center and sound rigorous management system; Advanced product structure, unique manufacturing technology exquisite, complete specifications, quality, over the years by the majority of new and old customers welcome and trust; Since its establishment, the company has been continuously committed to scientific and technological innovation, and strive to develop cheap and high-quality professional valves.


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